Thursday, March 13, 2008

She Cuts To Heal

no no dont get the wrong idea now, its not like im hurting myself k? lately i've been wanting to do something wit my hair, its kinda boring me n so i needed a revolution!

This mornin sucked for me. was really bummed out bout sumtin n when it came time for my hair appointment the students (was gonna get it cut by the Hair Design Academy in college coz its cheap) were busy n couldnt get it done, but something inside of me just sparked! I DESPERATELY NEEDED A CHANGE!! AND I NEEDED IT NOW!!!!!!!
so i went to the Hair Saloon next door (which is run by the real stylists in college) n decided to chop off my waves!! n while i was deciding what style i just felt soo incredibly stressed out and unsure.. i decided on a short do...

i got a real nice stylist and you know what? as she was chopping off my waves, i felt the tension slowly dissapearing and i was feeling happy again!! i smiled as i saw my reflection and suddenly realized how much i missed my short hair! was such a good change!!

im so happy to be a girl sometimes, when stressful times come into our lives or if we face breakups or sumn, sumn so simple, yet drastic as a complete hair change can totally lift us up! :D so im happeeeee wit my new cut! :D

But then i had lunch wit a fren and i started finding out bout wat someone had said about me, n i honestly was shocked!! This goes out to you!

Honestly wat is your problem? I get that ur sore bout wtv happened btwn us(even tho it happened in Aug 07!), n if u wanna tell ppl bout it- fine, but WHY ARE YOU BRINGIN IN MY STORIES WITH OTHER PPL????? you have NO right to do tat!! arrrggghhhh!!!

I don't get guys.... or some girls for that matter. If we act nicely to you, just to make you feel comfortable (regardless of sex la k) - i do tat, i always am generally nice to people and talk n am bubbly n try to make them feel comfy jsut coz tats how id like ppl to treat me-tats just how i am. and the problem is that they somehow will misinteprate it as a sign of flirtation!! like wat the hell????

JUST BECAUSE I CAN BE NICE AND FRIENDLY DOES NOT MEAN TAT IM FLIRTIN WIT U!!!!! why are ppl so prasan to think tat all we want to do is to get them? not every1 whos being nice has tat intentions k? im just a nice person, im friendly and tats how i behave to everyone unless i hate you or sumn! STOP THINKIN TAT I FLIRT WIT EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!

i just dont see any choice in this, i cant win. if im nice-people say i flirt, pada halnya im like to that to even girls!! n wat I FLIRT WIT GIRLS?? heck no la rite?? but no one comments on tat.. nooooo.. if im not very nice or talkative, then ppl will say im a bitch or sombong.. wat the heck am i supposed to do???? i just cant win man!

honestly, i never intend to flirt, i dont knoe tat its happenin, despite wat u may think! i dont realize it!! if i had the intention to do so, then i will, but never la k? everyother time, i NEVER NEVER have the intention to flirt, im just being nice. im just sorry it comes across tat way.....

sheesh looks like ill need to just chop my head off. ugghh.. hope the day gets better la...



ikanbilis said...

geez, is she dumb or what?

perhaps she might never had the flirting experience