Sunday, March 9, 2008

A New Malaysia!!

SORRY TO MY international READERS FOR RANTING BOUT MALAYSIAN POLITICS! But this is the last one i post! so visit again! lol!!

Yesterday's elections is def the most historic ones int he history of Malaysia!! The ruling party, BN lost 5 states to the opposition parties and only won Parliament by a simple majority! BN def got the shock of their lives when Samy Vellu, who had been a minister for 34 years was not voted back in, when they lost Penang state to DAP n lost Perak state to PAS!

And the best is that out of the 13 states, they lost 5 states to the OPPOSITIONS!!! DO YOU SMELL THE REVIVAL???

ahhh wat a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate!! now Malaysia will finally get a much more efficient government! even though BN still will form the Government as they won Parliament wit a simple majority, they will now have to be on their tippy-toes about everything and not slack off!!

This loose alliance betweeen DAP, PAS & PKR has definately been succesful! BOTH SELANGOR & PENANG are now under DAP man!! ahh this just means that they shall be workin on abolishing ethnic inequality & racism- a problem most Malaysians have been facing! im just soo happy! the best part is just seeing how all of us MALAYSIANS totally opened up our eyes n saw the problems being faced and FINALLY!! we decided tat it was time to change! For all of ya'll tat voted! give yourselves a big hand!!

Here's a lil humor to add to ur day! :D

Lets pray hard that the new Malaysia is wat we've been hoping and praying for!



HunsBuns said...

selangor is under PKR lah sayang...there's talks about banning alco and any sort of entertainment on PAS ruling think again of the freedom we had before compared to what we might have now let's just hope things won't be much worse than it already had been before. they might say that they're being fair now but humans in the state of power is unpredictable.

Kelsey Bunny said...

true it sucks to be under PAS, but basically PKR has a loose alliance wit DAP, n therefore its a change.
BN just has to start sittin up n actually takin control n doing stuff for the country, they got too comfy n slacked off, so it was time for a change to come.. perhaps seeing this election, they'll be better, and THAT is what we want!