Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singapore's F1 Night Race!!

now this weekend was a blast! i mean tat for the ear drums n for the eyes! ahh I cud go on n on, but Im too lazy, so just gonna keep it simple.

We drove down to S'pore, only took us 4 hours, and straight had lunch(dim sum!) n got to the hotel - Pan Pacific Marina Bay which is right next to the track! :)

If ya'll still have not heard, Singapore hosted the first ever Formula 1 Night Race - n it was done on the streets!

So they closed of lots of streets n made it into an awesome possum challenging course! n we stayed right next to it n u cud see the track and cars, let alone the whole city cud hear the FRIGGIN SCREECHING ENGINES that I LOVE!!!! oh crap the loudness was.. ear drum blowing! haha seriously, watchin races on tv, i know its loud, but nothin cud ever prepare me for how loud it REALLY is. its such a screech tat ur ears hurt n u have to use EarPlugs, oh but I loved it soooo much!! felt so real u know?

IT was such a dream for me to finally go for a F1 race! I mean all these years when they host in in Sepang, its still expensive but this time, the tickets were all sponsored and so were the hotel. So a big thanks to my uncle!! :D

The place was packed with lots of rich rich foreigners who obv have lots of time n money to follow these races ahhh but it was fun!

Day 1 - Qualifying Sessions.
We had Stamford Grandstand Tickets n they were pretty sweet, so had fun watchin all the cars zoom n the occasional slip into the side as they lost control of the car. nuthn major tho, they just spun out to a lane. Massa of Ferrari made pole position! :)

oh n Pa insisted on buying me a Ferrari t-shirt!
I Resisted coz it was waayy too expensive, but he bought it anyway! $120 for original, but its so nice!! :)

Day 2 - Historic Race Day!
in the afternoon, went around Orchard Road with Periama shopping, well moer of like browsing. i actually dont like shoppin in Singapore, its too expensive, i can get the exact same from home or Bangkok for 1/3 the price. anyhow did manage to buy 1red clutch, and GLADIATOR wedges!! ahhhhh!!!!

there were tons there but had to resist, as i addy have 3 pairs of flat glads, but there were so many high ones and high heeled! so found this awesome pair n it was $30, so decided to treat myself! they're soo hot!!

ok now Race Day- got awesome seats too! Turn2-3 Grandstands!!! how awesome man, we're at the turn right after the grid, so get alot of action, oh n there r big screen projection tvs there, so u watch the tv coverage as well as the live thing happenin! :)

the atmosphere was so fun! ppl all cheerin n happy! we all gasped and laughed and all at the action. read papers for coverage im too tired. but basically lots of drama- it was AWESOME! n Alonso won! good on him!!

n also we got to go on the track after tat! so took pics of rubber and the pits and Heikki Kovalainen! lol!

all in all it was such a dream come true and great weekend! not postin much pics here, but its on my Facebook. so heres the link: CLICK ME!

Taaa im tired!!