Friday, October 3, 2008


U know I was gonna talk alot about things these past few days.. but I just feel so uninspired to do so, know why? oh coz my dad n I just had a huge fight to which he now says no more shoots. watever man. i dont even get it. im so so sick of all this nonsense, i cant stand it anymore la.

ugh. n the day was great too, he just had to ruin it. Its non stop mid-life crisis.

anyhow- im SEVERELY and TERRIBLY addicted to House music now.. cant stop listenin to it!!!

Yesterday I did the Fashion Flirt Show at The Attic in Bangsar n we did it for Shoes, Shoes, Shoes & Sew and Soul! :)

there were 4 other models n Jai & Fiqa were among them. we got 3 pairs of shoes n bags, so it was quick changes for the Shoes3 show. then it was the Sew and Soul show! it was the first show tat I had to change n boyyyyy it was rush rush rush! :) loved it! :)

oh the sucky thing was tat the event was delayed like, 2 1/2 hours coz it was Raya2 n rainin so not many ppl showed up at the designated time. ugh. hate waiting. but it ended up being fun n it was over too soon! aishh..

and then today I did a shoot with Trisha! :) it was for her assignment for Photography class. so we did 2 concepts! n they were both so so COOL!!!!!!!!

1st- she painted a spectrum on my face! :) it looked like I was crying out a rainbow, n we shot it at my pool coz of the blue background n damn its cool! :)

2nd- she did this pretty design on my left eye with liner n blue shadow n it looked soo good! we shot against the plants and its real noce la so cant wait to see it! :)

at least few things in my day went well.. ugh. im so tired now...



Icky said...

I waited for so long and my pic's not even here and that dude is? :-(

kG said...

my baby's such a supastar now. promise you won't forget a boy named kG. He misses you a lot.