Wednesday, November 7, 2007

And The Deflowerin Continues

So yesterday was an incredibly fun day! 1st i wanna shout out to STICKY ICKY MAL!!!!

whooOhoo!! finally turned 21!! congrats you!!!! you seem to get better (though a bit weird) wit age! lol! but yeah he says he had a GREAT birthday! hehehe ur welcome! :D

>>I did a photoshoot wit Bibo & Dan yesterday!!! was soooo awesome! omg! ok other than gettin lost for 1 hour, arrived at the location which was gorgeous! iT was a great pool n beautiful garden wit Rocks n all tat. So Idan (who is such a funny & cute guy!) did my make up n i had Green Eyes!!!! it looked soo gorgeous! n we had fun talkin n all! also another model on the shoot, Fique, was goin next.

so wore a white tank & skinny jeans n the firste place was on a bunch of huge rocks! a bit scared since was wearin heels,but had help. so did loads of shots with Bibo & his fren Dan n it was soo fun! i had to have some pointers in the beginnin on poses, (i dunno why la, startin ill be stoned & lost abit, but after awhile, ill get into it) n it was awesome!!!!! started from the top rocks n progressed to the bottom! lol! :D

then we moved to the pool n tat was tricky at first, but soo much of fun!!!! loved figurin out wat dif poses to do, comin up wit fun ones n all tat! Bibo is such an awesome director n photographer! we were thinkin of wat to do, esp loved the ones wit me jumpin out of the water!
really need more photos la. will ask him for it! :D

so this went on for 15 mins i think, but it was just soo exciting n somethin completely new for me! havin fun learnin more n more bout poses n angles! also i just LOVED gettin to know these ppl! they're so much fun!!!!
so pretty much, the shoot was a fun thing n im just lookin forward to seeing more photos n perhaps doin more to increase experience!! :D:D

Also!! i got the photos from James & KG today!!!!! YAY!!! theres like, i think 100 shots! they're so much fun to go thru! hehe so i uploaded a bunch to FACEBOOK but heres just a couple of shots!

ahhhhhhhhhhh im lovin this!!!

hehheeehhehe HAPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!! cant wait for Kim to do more photoshops stuff!
1st sem of foundation year is almost over!!!!!! Friday is our last day!!!!!
im in a way relieved college is over coz had too many assignments but realllly sad at the same time la!! i Freakin LOVE goin to college n hangin out wit everyone!!!!!!!!1 like im totally serious!!! i LOVE it n im gonna miss it.....