Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Indonesian Shoppin Trip & Camille's Shoot!

First off, i wanna say a HUGE sorry for not updating my blog till now, i've just been soo busy and everytime i sat in front of the com to do it, just didnt know wat to write, but now im baaaaackkkk!!!
Basically, Bandung, INDONESIA is the coolest n cheapest place to shop!! Took a short holiday there for the main reason of shoppin (lol!) wit my parents n my cousin sister who is finally back from Melbourne - KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's only a 2 hour flight from KL n honestly ppl, the only reason to go there is to shop, i mean there is nothin else to do la, i guess u cud go n see some flowers n the volcano too but we didnt have time so just spent 2 days shopping! lol!

From the moment we got off the plane n dumped our stuff in the hotel, we walked round n went to all the factory outlets n shopped.
>>>>> See, Bandung has alot of factory outlets shops, like lots of brands they sell it for realllllll cheap! like 1/3 or 1/2 of the actual price tat u'd pay back home! u have to check properly n try on the clothes coz they r basically rejects n normally have irregular sizes n all tat jazz, n some r actually fake, so u have to be carefull.

But we managed to find some good stores esp RUMAH MODE which was HUUUUGEEEEEE!! n had A TON of clothes from all brands like Guess, Armani, MNG, Zara, American Eagle, Aeropostale, Old Navy, True Religion... A TON MORE!!!!!!!
n bloody hell i bought 6 items n only spent RM200! so it was well worth it! hahaha
n at the end of the days, me & Kris wud be soo tired tat we'd lost interest in the shops n we got back massages done! ahhhhh... as soon as we hit the bed, we were out! loL!

All in all, as the picture above shows, i bought :
16 tops
3 jeans (2 of em skinny)
4 panties
2 pairs of earrings
1 pair of shoes!
Total spent-- RM 700+ which is like.... only US$ 200+
>> n honestly, if i were to buy it back here in KL, it wud have costed over RM1500+, so it was definately a succesful trip! :D:D

SO that was Bandung for me!

Moving on, on Wednesday, i had such a GREAT day!!! went to college for fun! :D just to hang out wit some peeps n u know wat? i loved every minute of it!
Hung out wit Trisha, Kim, KG, Guillaume, James, Taps, Sammy & cant remember who else la!

Ah! but we spent the whole day just talkin n laughin n chillin,, missed these guys! oh n funny n scary story at the same time! lol! Guillaume went to pass up his photography assignment n when he came out, he called me. apparently his lecturer asked if I could be his model, n the lecturer told me tat he was doin in Masters n wud like me to model for him. he shows me his portfolio n the pics tat he'd like. i look at it, n blooodddyyy hell!!!!

heck NOOOOOOOOOO am i not gonna pose nude, buddy!!! i mean u cudnt see the faces, or private body parts n all tat, but its still the thought of it, n so yeah, turned it down. horny ass.

BUUUTTT, i DID have a photoshoot wit Camille Dievart!! :D
She's studyin make-up, n now she's just doing her portfolio coz she's gonna go to Paris n train at the Make UP Forever institute! so she wanted to do something. n it was by far! AWESOME!!!!!!

We started at 1.15 n finished the make-up process at like.. 4.30 ish! hehe it was soo much fun tho! i mean, she loves to be creative n do real fun n crazy make up, coz she believes tat it shows how talented u really are, n i actualy agree wit her.
so she decided wit pink eyes n green & blue crystals. so it took a real long time doing it, but we had fun talkin n all tat. as she puts on the lipstick, she had the great idea of puttin crystals on my lips! n i was like, "GO FOR IT!" :D hahaha
so yeah we went crazy n had fun! took tons of shots! :D i had such a fantastic time!! :D i never had tat kind of make-up put on me, b4 n it was thrilling!!
I've been having soo many 'firsts' recently and experiencing so many new things.. Im just lovin life at the moment.. :D
so yeah! n id let her do anything wit me, its all good! so we're gonna do ANOTHER shoot next week!! ahhhhhhhhhh im SOO EXCITED! cant wait to see wat she's gonna do!!
OH! n btw, if theres anyone who wants her to do make-up for any shoots, she says she wants to do it, so contact me n ill let her know, k?
also, she needs a person who can edit n photoshop the photos, so if anyone wud be willing to, cud ya let me know, too? thanks! appreciate it much! :D