Friday, June 6, 2008

7 things about moi!

(you're listenin to Tree Hugger by Ansty Pants taken from Juno! its fab!)

wow! it really is tag season in bloggers-town! lol! this time i got tagged by both Bibo & Ain! :)

7 facts about me:

-im of a mixed parentage, Chinese+Indian
-i love bunnies but i dont have one.... yet..(hint hint to Icky!)
-i am constantly singin when im in the car or at home!
-im really straight, but i find women's bodies more attactive than men's
-cant put on weight easily, but lose it in a jiffy!
-love dressin up in different styles each day
-have a perfume fetish! lol!

7 things i treasure the most:

-the love of my life, Icky
-my laptop, Ariel,
-my family!
-my friends!!!
-my handphone
-my clothesssss and accessories!!!
-my shoes! :)

7 things that scare me:

-ghosts movies, horror, anything spooky will kill me!
-losing Icky
-losing all my friends & family
-any scary creatures n ghosts la from any movies
-failing in life
-not being able to have children in the future..

7 music at the moment:

-Sea Of Love by Cat Power
-Tree Hugger by Ansty Pants
-Paris, Tokyo by Lupe Fiasco
-Terbang by Gigi
-Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
-Fantasy by Timbaland
-Searched & I Found by ICKY! ;)

7 things i say the most:

-mo ah tai koh!!
-potong steam!!
-u like looohhh
-merci! oui!

7 people i tag to do this:

-Pei Jean


So i finished my painting addy.. n i am kinda dissapointed la.. it doesnt look at all like Twiggy.. but wtv la, it does however look like a good potrait of a lady, but just not her, ill post up the pic soon!
-also i've only got 1 more week of FOUNDATION IN DESIGN left!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! finally! i cant wait for this sem to be over! i need a break! n i honestly cant wait to start my degree! :) its gonna be tough but im up for it! :)

cheers ya'll! (still praying hard for my cousin n my uncle!)



stupigo said...

'i love bunnies but i dont have one.... yet..'

Lol... I hope to see photos of your future pet in about 2 weeks... HAHAHA...

mello said...

i've already done this meme , darl . and you never did mine laa . tiu !.

Kelsey Bunny said...

ahha penny- i hope so too! hahha
mel- how la then?? hhahha

mello said...

do mineee !. GRR . i'll bite your bunny ass la .