Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I had an incredible dinner! unfortunately i didnt bring my camera to take pics but i'll make it quick!

Went to a great Chinese Restaurant in Jaya33 (think its Oriental sumn) n its huge!! n had dinner wit parents n uncle n aunt n their frens! n we ate a 6-course Chinese dinner! it was fab!! *Kris, wished u were there, honestly!

Here's a list of wat we ate! ahhh it was great!

-Peaking Duck (the best i've ever had!)
-Supreme Braised Sharksfin Soup
-Steamed & Deep Fried Bawal Fish
-Mushroom, Abalone & Sea Cucumber in oyster sauce
-Ginger Jumbo Prawns
-Stir-Fried Duck in Lettuce

oh it was just yummy! :) am stuffed~

one of the best parts of the dinner was when they started talkin bout all the best foods n all tat! lol! we were being the TRUE TYPICAL MALAYSIANS!!! hahahahahah! seriously! from things like; where to get the best curry laksa, to the best wan tan mee n everything!!! hahahah this went on for like 1 hour n u know, i loved every minute of it!

Being Malaysian n talking bout our number 1 passion- Food is just always awesome la! it never gets old! =D ain't that right peeps?