Sunday, July 13, 2008


*ur listenin to Pitbull's Lengua Afuera! - added new songs*

Oops! sorry i havent been updating about much in a while, i've just been super busy! yesterday i got my new passport done, n im sooo happy!! I look good in the picture! hhahahah my previous one was extremely hideous tat i shuddered everytime i looked at it...

*thinks back on the pic and shudders again!* lol!

then went out n had dinner at Souled Out n then to China White Club! freaaaaaaaaakiinn awesome man!! the one & only, the legendary DJ Fuzz spins there on Friday nites n honestly it was the best Hip Hop & RnB music played ever! (DJ Fuzz is one of Msia's BEST djs!-he's a legend) i mean, if ur really into great hiphop/rnb, u HAVE to go to China White la. n the place is PACKED wit Africans! its soo fun coz these ppl can actually dance well n its just a great atmosphere la! the only thing is tat u can only go after 1am, coz tats when it begins! :)

today pulak went to LimKokWing's Graduation Fashion Show at Pavillion n it was real good, to my suprise! like, the students (most of em!) really did some interesting stuff! n the turnout was huge! damn proud of my college la~ haha so me n Trish were busy wit our DSLRs! hahaha will upload some shots soon!!!!!

n i just got back from dinner wit some of my oldest frens! was nice-went to Decanters-but the food sucked. eugh!

anyhow, Cheer 08 is on, n im going tomoro!! have to cheer my ex-team D*STARZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooohooo!!! ORANGE BLACK & WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!