Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stars & Cigars

sorry i didnt update on movies, yesterday!! i was out the whole day!! acks! :) 1st of- Germany lost the finals.. sigh.. but Spain played well! do give them that! n Torres is Yummy!! just wish they made the game more interesting! fell asleep coz it was so boring!

But yesterday was a phenomenal nite! was asked to be a part of the ushers by Shaq&Grace at "The Grammy of Brands" a.k.a. the 'Brands Laureate Awards nite!'

oh it was fun!! we represented Talents Unlimited as ushers! got to the Sunway Resort Hotel at 1 for fitting with Malaysian designers gowns, n i wore a gorgeous lil cocktail dress by Nthiran! its super cute, a gold short dress wit butterlfy sleeves n low back wit turqoise details! :)

n lets just say tat the 30 of us, girls n guys, looked FAB!!! :)
basically this awards nite is held to give out awards to companies in Malaysia & South East Asia to recognize 'the best of the best' la! n its a HUGE event n guess wat? I GOT TO MEET N TALK TO AMBER CHIA!!! ahhh!! i LOVE her!! she's the winner of the International Guess model search n basically she's my idol for a Malaysian Model! n she smiled at me n came up to me n asked me a question! *ahhh!! i was on cloud nine! sigh tho didnt get to take a pic coz i dint bring my camera!* but wow! tat was the highlight of my nite!

n also Tun Dr.Mahatir our former Malaysian Prime Minister was there! :D wow! tat was honestly such an honor!! :) n he was awarded the lifetime achievement award! so we were basically busy runnin around inviting n welcoming guests n VIPs n i pinned corsages n then during the dinner, we were given a list of award recepients n we had to find them n bring them back stage! acks! VIPs! :) but we had fun la! all were playin, cam-whorin n the guys n some girls were enjoyin the free cigars that were sponsored by Davidoff! i brought home 2 for my dad! :)
after that we were just there to look pretty n take be photographed wit the winners n wat nots! but it was great! n in the end i got paid! =D glee!

ill post the pics as soon as i get em! :) wat a NITE! :)