Monday, July 14, 2008

Copos & Cheer 08!!!!!

I think i've been very uninspired lately to blog! buutt i def have stuff to talk bout now! lol!

A few hours ago durin dinner, i witnessed a Cop Chase! woot! we were dining al fresco in Subang Section15, n suddenly heard a light crash n glass shattering! turned n saw bout few 15 metres away, 4 guys were trying to stop a moving car, like they were trying to corner it themselves!

but obv they cudn't n this criminals just zipped out n sped by the restaurant to get away, then those 4 guys who were actually copos undercover jumped into their police car n followed them! whooaa!!
damn cool wei!! unfortunately we cudnt see wat happened after coz they zoomed out of sight but it was still dramatic to see! haha felt like we were in those movies! lol!

Yesterday me, Farah, Vennila, Cyan n Mesh went for Cheer 08! whoot D*STARZ!!!!!!!!!!! ahh we made it Just in time to catch them n i have to say tat im proud of em!! (oh n thank you to AIN for some new pics!)
*some supporters going around*
*So proud of em!*
Their routine was clean, it was sharp n they've improved on their stunts n jumps! n BRAVO on the fact tat no stunts fell! GREAT JOB!! =D my criticisms will be:-

a) voices were not loud enuf! cant hear properly so need to work on that
b) song choices need to be better...
c) u guys shud stick to our D*STARZ tradition of havin a traditional influenced part.. like some Malaysian music n movement, coz tat was one of our STRONGEST points!
but def overall, GrEAT job guys! Dynamitez were awesome, as always, freakin sharp n strong, only thing is the dance was a bit normal only... Xaviers were good, Blitzerz has freakin awesome stunts, (one part, the fliers jump in the air into a spilt n the bases catch em into a split catch!) freakin crazy man!! n D*STARZ won 1st runner up for Best Make-UP! wootss!!!

Congrats so 1st placers- SHIRTLIFF, 2nd place- DYNMAITEZ n 3rd place- STUNNERS (all boys)!

*Ain &Farah*
*um i randomly stumbled upon this pic on Ain's blog! FRIGGIn awesome doh!! dunno who or why sumone made this but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!*
oh Cheer was fun! n one of the best parts was when 8000 ppl got up n did the YMCA together! lol! freakin cute man!

i have a shoot wit Camille this wednesday! she's gonna be doin my make up n i cant wait!!