Tuesday, July 29, 2008

tuesday mornings

im so sorry for the late updates! ugh! i've been busy lately by just bumming around!

i saw X-Files: The Movie n thought that it was.... ok... cool at times but ok. i have to say that my FAV part in the entire movie was when they zoomed in to a picture of President Bush n the x-files theme played! hahahahhahhahahahhahhahhaa bloody funny man!!

n i also watched The December Boys -a movie with Daniel Radcliffe! its bout these 4 orphan boys who went on a vacation to a beach n they learn things about their lives n meet all sorts of ppl! this is such a cute-laazzy afternoon movie! its tat sort of mood, but i liked it anyway! do give it a shot if ur bored! :)

So im attending the AFS Malaysia's Gala Dinner on the 9th of August! im soo excited! n the theme is black & gold n u can wear either formal or traditional! n i've been wanting this dress from Topshop since January but it costs RM300, tat day when i went over there, my heart stopped as i saw it was 50% off!! so i flipped n looked for a 6 or 8 n there were only size 10 left!! thats like huge for me!!

but the lady said tat there were no more other sized even in the other stores n i decided to just try it on n let it die in my head buttt to my huge suprise!! IT FIT!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! i had had to get it! RM148! :) whee!! i only had to stitch the top part at the boobs (duh...) but it looks great n im wearing it for the gala dinner wit gold accessories!

n i had also got another great Red knee length-decent dress from MNG when they were havin sale! 50% off as well- only RM99! i liked it alot coz i thought tat it was so different from the other dresses i have! cant wait to wear it! :)

other than that it seems like i wont be goin to MTV Asia Awards this Saturday at Genting. darn i really wanted to go... sigh..