Thursday, July 17, 2008

Camille's Shoot - Round 2!

woots! I am super happy with the pics from my shoot yesterday! Camille asked me to be her model again, so we did it! She had found this great photographer- Aliaskhal and we were at his home studio in Ampang.

She has been workin wit him recently for her make-up portfolio. When i got there, another model was in the process of her shoot. She had white mascara, her eyebrows were white, whe had a white wig n Camille had put sugar n glitter over her lips n shoulders, so she looked frozen! it actually was pretty cool!

As for me, we did 2 shoots!
1st shoot- after puttin on, n wiping off, she finally decided to use black n gold on my eyes, nude lips, and she put gorgeous fluttery fake lashes to my LOWER lashes! lol! it was cool! then she added 2 gold sequined ribbons,(which she made by herself!) to my neck n top! hair was covered in black lace! it was so cool! i LOVED the lashes! must get it! lol!

2nd shoot- she started freestyling some black & gold body art on my shoulders, chest, neck n side of my face! turned out to looke incredible n very tribal! :) then she covered my eyes wit black lace n so basically the whole shoot, i cudn't see anything! wa a bit hard but i loved it n the lighthin was great! made me look like an 'african goddess!'- i quote Camille! hahhahhahaha

but seriously enjoyed it n im lookin forward to doing more stuff wit her! she's the BEST make up artist i've ever known and she's really gonna go far in her career! its a definate!



mello said...

you so gorgeeous la kel-kel [=