Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Rockstar Within

So yesterday was a real scary and somehow weird day. 1st off, i woke up wondering if it had all been a dream, u know how some things can be so unrealistic tat u think its a dream??? yeah well unfortunately, this was real.

it was raining again! so hoodie n sweats for me! well, went to college n chilled n when it came to my fav time of the day, LUNCH @ Makanlah it was definately not boring1
haha had lunch wit Taps, Sammy, Trisha, Kim n her fren n i tell u, the amount of lame jokes (thanks Trish), "driving on the other side of the road" stories, n all sure helped take my mind off things! :D

the highlight of lunch tho was the ALMOST fight! ah crap. we were all at the Plaza eating n chillin when suddenly we saw a bunch of guys gettin heated up n almost hittin each other b4 their frens pulled them apart (btw, it was between a couple of Kazakhs & Middle Easterns)
so all of us started gettin excited la! fight! fight! fight! fight! fight!
they started walkin over to the stage n basically the whole Plaza was into it! my whole group arranged our chairs in a row n watched! hahaha i swear! all we needed the popcorn!
-- so they start arguing rite, n we get exctied, n they talk n all for like 3 mins when all of a sudden, they start shakin hands n smiling laughing..
POTONG STEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aiissseeehh man!! pump us up for nothing.
Oh! n i also watched this movie last nite called STARDUST! n it rocked!!! ahh! haah i loved the movie! its soo funny n cute, its basically a kind of fairy tale bout this guy who goes to the other world to bring back a fallen star for the girl he loves. n its like a whole adventure! u guys just watch it la!!

Today was an incredibly entertainin day!!
Our group managed to finalize our sketch & trace it onto our canvas! so we did tat the whole time n i colored our design. so far, it looks great! now we have to decide on the final colors n start painting it.

whenever i draw, i always need music to help me concentrate! somehow, i just can't do it without my good music, so as usual, ill listen to my tunes n groove. u can always tell im enjoyin myself n happy when i start singing & dancing!!! :D

so for some reason, when "Sweet Child Of Mine -- Guns & Roses" came on, i got up on the chair n started singin and dancing and going crazy along! hhahahah seriously! Taps has the pictures! i was on a roll man! i found my Inner Rock St*r!!
n after lunch, i was real hard-core rapping "Cleanin Out My Closet by Eminem" n it was soo freakin coool!!! Taps was seriously shocked wit my energy! haha phew! *wipes sweat*

ahh but it was awesome la! then Kim came to class n thats when even more crazy shit went down!
Taps, Sammy, Kim n Me started taking all sorts of pics! haha it started off with Kim's ass, then Taps joined, then Sammy, then me! n sooner or later, me & Kim ended up in a rather questionable position! lol! it was sooo much fun tho! n i cudnt stop laughing! hehe

so yeah! it was a really really awesome day at college! :D

thanks for cheering up my day, guys! :D