Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Release

So im bloggin now, after 2 years of doing so.. i dont know why, but i just felt like i wanted to start a blog again after the chaos of the old one!
Firstly, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends out there! its been a real different Ramadan for me this year! I fasted for the first time! n i have to say that it was fun!!! :D
it wasnt as bad as i thought it be, i mainly felt more thirst than hunger. but there were occasions where i didn't fast coz i was just too darn hungry! hahha
but all in all, im really proud of myself! not that many people can willingly sacrifice food & water from dawn till dusk man, n now i have a new sense of respect for the people who do! :d
today i went to an old family fren's open house for Raya n it was fun!! the food was AWESOME!!!!!!
Chicken & beef rendang, ketupat, lemang, kuih!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!
i've been cravin for this since last year! n esp when i was in the US, i was DYING for rendang man!!! ahhh
i LOVE being a Malaysian la.... i noticed today at the open house, the neighbours came to visit n to eat n the best part was that they were Chinese n my family was Indian & Chinese n i just admired the beauty of the Multiculturalism that Malaysia has... ahhh its great that we can all celebrate all sorts of different festivals together and still be so united!
i think being away in a different country opens ur eyes up to all new things that we sometimes take for granted.
like yesterday, i went to KLCC by myself coz i just wanted to have a whole day alone n enjoy being connected with myself n my thoughts, n then i took a long walk around KL. i walked from KLCC to Bintang Walk coz i wanted to admire the beauty of this city.. n u know wat??
its absoulutely AMAZING!!!
i know we still have a lot more to improve on, but u know, from what we've gone thru n wat we've achieved rite now, we have done great!
so yeah this is me being PATRIOTIC!
visit me again for more nonsense next time! im just gettin started ppl! later!