Saturday, October 27, 2007

Life Drawing & Halloween Pacts!

So on Thursday we had our Life Drawing finals! we had to basically bring in a pic of a Significant building in Kuala Lumpur and draw it out on a Huge (A2) Illustration board, then we had to colour it n either using crayons, colour pencils, chalk, charcoal, paint, as long as its not pencil.

I went to class tat mornin at 10am, n i didnt leave the room till 4pm. shit. i was seriously soo tired from drawing & drawing! plus, my stooppidd self didnt realive that i only had RM1.60, so i only cud get a bottle of water n bread. wtv la.
anyway, even tho i sat for so long n drew (wit the side occasions of me singing "
Sweet Child Of Mine" hehhe) i still only managed to draw it out n not even colour! n i was super tired n stresses n worried addy, n i knew tat i wasnt gonna be able to sleep tat nite coz it was due tomoro.

but anyway! i went down to the plaza n who do i find?? KG!!!!!!!!!! thank GOD!!! coz we sat together n had 'pepper'ed & 'gravy'ed french fries n suddenly, the real KG was unleased!n lol!!!

but it was freaking hilarious!! he kept on craking weird jokes n was insane n he just made me laugh n then i was cured!!!! hahah so the pissey-offing mood i was in, was gone! :D thanks Kums! lol!!
got back home n straight away workd on the crap building.
btw, im drawing out Menara Telekom, KL
got Kopi O Ais to help me stay awake n slept at 3 sumtin!

at the same time i was watchin V FOR VENDETTA and that was one awesome movie man! loved the end! im now much more pumped to shave my head! hmmmm.. tat mite take some guts tho..

Friday, got to class to hand in the drawing n wat do i see??
>everyone also finishing up their drawings! apparently i wasn't the only one to have late nights.... some didnt even sleep at all! poor things.
But i touched up my thingy n this is the final outcome:

so yeah! its done!
During lunch, Riya, me, KG n Fate were discusing bout Halloween on Wednesday n we were talkin bout Dressing up, but we were scared in case no one else dresses up as well n we'll end up lookin like idiots! sooooo..... we came up with a HALLOWEEN PACT!
we all agreed to dress up on halloween! so tats gonna be fun!!
Riya is coming as a slut.. (i told her she's supposed to dress up in a costume, but she dont wanna listen... ;P)
Fate want to dress like a man.. (KG says she has the same prob as Riya..) COSTUMES People! Costumes!!
KG is gonna cross dress...... seriously..... not joking
n i am..... i dunno yet...... wanna wear those boots la! so maybe a cowgirl!
guess we'll just have to wait & see!
oh n im grounded for 1 month. yay.


MariahZaharaa said...

psst, I'm dressing up too! kG and Riya gave me an idea. Tell you 'bout it soon. ;)