Thursday, April 24, 2008

Droppin a Line!

Sorreeeee i havent updated till now! but Ariel is officially gone. cant connect on the net! did all the virus scans n got rid (or at least thought i did!) but still have to reformat... :(

Oh well! college has been keeraayyyzeee fun recently!! today was fun! sat at the plaza the entire time coz no photography class today, but hung n shaked legs wit Mel, Naga, Kirstie n ppl who came n went! but the highlight of the day was the performances held by the Sound & Music students! apparently their assignment is to host an event each, so we had singing performances, n..... brace urself!! SHUFFLERS!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! (scream of horror!!!!!!!!) it was soooooo terrible!! shufflers shud be put to death! shuffling is basically a retarded form of dance! eeks! nt the worst part is tat they 'battled' each other n wore... Shuffling pants!! EEEEIIIII!!!! :S they sucked soo bad, the whole plaza was like.. ppl were just horrified la u can telll!

me n trish had the time of our lives laughing! Then we had hip hop performances which was fun!! then as usual LimKokWing style, they had battling!! haha this Arabian guy n this African guy (whos a freakin awesomee dancer!!) battled n whooooohoooo!! :D the plaza was on fiiiyyaahh!! ;P

then me, Trish, KG n Mel went back together, pulled over n had Bubble Tea n gosssiiipppedd n we blasted music by the roadside n guesss wat?????????? ahhahahhahhhhahah
I GOT OUT OF THE CAR N STARTED DANCING ON THE ROAD SIDE!!! hahahhah the ppl who saw were like, waatt?? hahah n Mel n then Trish joined in! it was soo hilarious! this old chinese guy gave us weird looks! haha n KG filmed us! lol! when i get the vid, i'll post it, ya??

ok i gotta run! just know tat i love u guys!! ill be back asap, k? muaxxxxxxx