Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 things..

Ok so i've decided to list dow 10 things that many of you may, but probably do not know about myself! simply coz i have nuthn better to do. correction: i do have work to do but im just too darn lazy!!

Ths are in no particular order, k?

1. I have a perfume fetish!!

seriously!! i LOOVEE perfume!! ever since i was a kid, id watch my mom get ready n saw her spray on perfume n ever since then i have grown to adore it! i have so far, 20 bottles of perfumes and my fave being PACO ROBANNE's BLACK XS (both men & womens!) i need a new perfume every year!!

2. Geoducks are disgusting!

they are basically part of the clam family, but they freakin look like the private parts of a male! n basically my cousin said " oh it looks like an albino african's ******" so yeah.. n the worst part is tat people eat it!! GROSSSS!!!!!! i wud never put sumn tat looks like tat in my mouth!!

3. I HATE butt cracks!!

seriously man!! there are girls in college who think its cool to show it off! YEEUUCCKK!!! get a belt man!! no matter if ur bum is nice or wtv, its still such a turn off to see butt cracks, the same goes to visible butt flossing (thongs)

4. Bunny Suicides

i happen to think tat the Bunny Suicides are funny yet mean at the same time!! :S check em out if u can! ud be laughin!! this is the link to the bunny suicides: HERE!

5. I like Lily Cole

This British model called Lily Cole is just, WOW!! she just has this absolutely stuning porcelain doll face, u knw? the whole round face, big eyes, small rose bud lips, fair skin and flaming red hair! talk bout different!

6. The Darkness rocks my world!

When i was 15 and still a pop music freak, i discovered THE DARKNESS, a British glam rock band who were out of this world insane, freaks, different,fun and just, hilarious!! i fell head over heels in LOVE wit their zany music and coz of them, i started researchin bout rock bands like Velvet Revolver, Guns & Roses, ACDC and so much more, and since then , ive turned my back on pop n love ROCK!

7. I've planned my wedding!

i know i may just be 19 but wtv! i want either an evening garden wedding, with a white archway, with green vines wrapped around it, it tiny candles all around, or a sunset beach wedding.. nuff said..

8. I like how i smell!

hahaha! i do! i know this may sound weird, but wtv! i love how i smell after a few hours of spraying on perfume, n smelling how my natural pheromones blend in! i love the smell of my *dare i say?????* underarms? hahahh tat is after many hours after i spray on IMPULSE deoderant, tat is! sorry!! i know tat may be gross, but its my body n i love it! lol!

9. I love High School Musical! lol!

i dont care wat ya'll say! i know it aint the best movie ever, n its damn corny n predictable, but I CANT HELP BUT LOVE IT!! hahahh its cute n ill burst out into song everytime i hear one of th songs! n i know the dance moves too! *gulps* ;p

10. My fav designer is John Galliano

i happen to tink that John Galliano, the designer for the House of Christian Dior is a mad and super genious! i love his designs esp his haute couture ones! they're all works of art, and wildly creative and just down rite brilliant! :D

so there! totally random things bout myself!! hope yall had fun n till next time!!



Dieta said...

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Kelsey Bunny said...

thanks very much! i checked out urblog, bt i sorry coz i dont understand the language! wat is your blog about?

mello said...

kay the armpits thing is well gross Kel !!. LOL . but i guess you really just love the way you smell la . no harm in that [= x see you monday babes !.

Kelsey Bunny said...

ehhheehe! but they smell nice! hahahha okies!!

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