Thursday, April 3, 2008

Go Shawty! It's My Birthday!

Eeekss!!! im officially 19 now!! ahhhhh!!! im happy tho! I've had a FANTASTIC day! from 12:00am to rite to this very moment!! my phone has been receiving msgs n calls wit Birthday wishes n my Facebook wall is all Birthday wishes! im soo happy!! :D

i have really awesome friends la! hahha college was just awesome today! :D my frens, Melissa, Taps, Fuzzy, Rui, Trisha, KG n i dunno who else (Ehsan & Heng Fong were there too!) suprised me wit a Birthday cake in the plaza!! hahha during lunch time too! hahha but luckily it wasnt tat crowded tat time, so i wasnt tat embarressed! but it was just awesome! hahah funny thing is tat 1 hour b4 tat happened, Taps who was plannin it wit Mel accidently sent me a msg which was meant for her saying "hey im in the plaza n i got kelsey. u got the cake?' hahahhahhahahhaha!! :D

but it was cool as it was a suprise to see who was in it! :D I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!! THANKS!!!
n i had a great time wit Mal! went for lunch in Pyramid, ate at Sakae Sushi & had ice cream at Baskin Robbins! :D ahh it was pure bliss la! we were on this cloud nine! :D love u baby!

n i just got back from an awesome, crazy, informative n wacky dinner wit my parents in Tony Roma's!! :D ohh ive always wanted the ribs from tat place n they were good! :D n had very very interesting conversations wit my parents bout the day i was born!
do u know tat everyone said my mom was gonna be a boy!! even my dad would say to my momma's tummy "hello boy!" ahhah n i popped out of my momma n SHOCKED ALL U CRAAZY PEOPLE! hahhhahahh ;p

i cant wait to tomoro!!!!!!!!!!!!! im havin a Birthday get-together dinner at Itallianies in Sunway Pyramid with some friends! im super duper excited! the dress code? : Dress To Impress! i'll be posting pics by Saturday, hopefully!

See you there!