Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Week B4 Break..

So this is Week 7 in college n tat means tat next week we have our Sem break! FINALLY!! im soo tired from never ending assignments tat they think they can just pile on us!

I've still got to do my Design Studies - TYPOGRAPHY assignment.. crap..... i gotta do 10 sketches n a final artwork... Then gonna go study for the History of Art test tomoro.. n i think for Malaysian Studies he wants a mind maP????? n print pics for Photography... hmm

We just started our final integrated project today! SEEEEOOOWWWWW MAN!!! they're crazyy! no doubt it sounds interesting but how the hell are we able to execute it??? THis is for Creative Studies+ Design Studies. Thes year the theme is LONDON + KUALA LUMPUR!

Apparently we have to research on the cities, choose a subject to focus on (transportation, architecture, culture.. etc.) n from there we make a concept n create a final INSTALLATION art piece!! - now wat the flyin is tat la rite? apparently its like big sculptures, where a viewer can go inside or wtv n touch n all tat! ahh!! n its due in week 16! yes they extended by 1 more week coz the lecturers think thats not enuf time! how the flyin are we supposed to do this? oh but its group work la.. n so far, i think we look like we have a good group.. so tats good at least!

on a happier note, WENDY'S JUST OPENED IT's 1st SHOP IN MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!! whooohooo!! i LOVE Wendy's man! haha used to go there every single week when i was in the States to eat Choc Frostys!!! ahh!! its in the old wing of Sunway Pyramid next to the ice-skating rink n i basically jumped up n down with excitement when i was there! haha serious! my mom was like, "can u behave urself??" hahahh IM SOO HAPPYYY!!!!!! love tat place la! n they have good Chilli Con Carne too!! ahh but chilli gives u gas... hmmm.. but its good!! lol! ;p

told Trisha bout it on the way home n she flipped too! so we went to Wendy's to eat! ahahh as u know, we both went to Pennsylvania, so i said one day, we'll wear our old High School t-shirts n take pictures on our "Pennsylvanian's Pilgrimage to Wendys!" ahhahhahahahh now all they have to open is a TACO BELL!! mati la. well become fat!!

tomoro's her bday! HER 19th BIRTHDAY!! whoohoo!! n so HAPPY 19th HUNNNN!!!!! :D may all ur wishes come true!!
n tomoro's Me & Mal's 3rd Anniversary! whoooohooo!!! :D

wow! looks like I AM busy busy busy!!