Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 9th Merriments!

Wow! So its officially 3 Years together! haha! never thought we'd ever make it this far! loL! well i pretty much had a fantastic day n got somethin really special n sweet from him!

I had made him a kinda cute lil memory/scrap book filled wit pics and lil story and memorable events as well as lyrics to songs tat mean alot to us! hehe i thought it was sweet n knew tat he'd LOVE it! :D n i was right!

but im absolutely in LOVE wit Mal's gift which was a carefully thought out Mixed CD! ahh i think apart from writing songs, tats the thing tat he's BEST at! :D i was nicely suprised wit the song selections tho as there were quite a few tat i didnt know! Just to name a few of my fav songs on the CD ;

Complaint de la Butte - Rufus Wainwright ( a personal fav from Moulin Rouge!)
Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches
Angel - Jack Johnson
Sweet Baby - Macy Gray
Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

and a few others! if u want to, i def recommend takin a listen to these songs! They're great! :D

We watched 27 Dresses starring Katherine Hiegl today n it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

i didnt feel like it was just another chick flick, it was real fun and entertainin and cute too! and ladies, trust me, u cant help but fall in love wit James Marsden! :D happyness! n the guy who plays her boss, George, is real good-lookin in an older charmin way! hahah :D WATCH it if u wanna just feel laid back, happy, lovey-dovey and just have a laugh! hahah lotsa good parts to LOL to! hahha! IM definitely watchin this AGAIN!

Other than tat, i dont think I've ever blogged bout my obsession with French.. hmm.. im obsessed wit the French language! seriously! i find French to be super duper uber sexy and i just go weak in the knees when i hear it being spoken, or better yet, SUNG!! *ahhhhh*

i have a few fav French songs, but this is 1 of my favs! its called Complaint de la Butte by Rufus Wainwright and its taken from the movie (my 2nd fav musical of all time - MOULIN ROUGE!!) i find it to be so beautiful! There's just something bout French which just intrigues me! i wanna seriously learn it tho! its always been a dream!

my closest to French grounds tat i got to was Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris... n tat was not really good.. hahha but got to speak some french, had fun wit the signages n buyin delicious choc croissants and just roamin the stores! hahah but i def wanna go to Paris n really check it out and live my dreams! Go see the Louvre (MUCH ANTICIPATED DREAM!), the Eiffel Tower and much more.. hmm.. i know a few words in French, but i def hav ALOT more to learn! :)

Listen to the songs if u can! Much love people!
n a shoutout to my reader from France, Billancourt : thanks for ur continued interest in my posts!