Saturday, April 5, 2008

Off The Hizzayy!! :D

The new Song of the Week is in honor of our 3Year Anniversary! Michael Buble - EVERYTHINGEnjoy!

So i have some of the best frens in the world! :D I really do! Yesterday i had a small Birthday dinner thingy at Italianies in Sunway Pyramid n i had invited some of my close frens.. ok.. 20 ppl came! hahhaha there was:

Me, Mal, Kim, Trisha, KG, Mariah, Naz, Fuzzy, Rui, Taps, Mudiwa, Mel, Sha, Ash, Elisha, Farah, Debra & Liz! n i bloody hate Malaysian timing, just for the record! i said tat the dinner was 7.30 but i expected at least like 5 ppl to be there by 8, but noo.. only 3 of us! hah! but anyways! ppl came! :D yay!

We ate pastas! I LOVE pasta! my other weakness! n basically just spent the nite mingling, eating, laughing, freestyling..*ahem*- kim =D , n cam-whoring la! hahhah! it was awesome! some came late.. some left.. but most stayed.. actually all the ppl who stayed for the entire nite were my college frens... :/ i guess my other frens were just busy wit other stuff or had valid reasons. but wtv, im just glad they showed up! :D

Also, Mal had bought me Cuppacakes as my B'day present (my wish was fulfilled!) n they were oh-soo-gorgeous!! but just as we were goin into the restaurant, he accidently slipped n they kinda got ruined in a way, but it was fine la, accidently la kan? but he felt soo bad tat he had snuck to Secret Recipe and secretly (Pun intended) bought me a Mango Cake!! our fav cake actually!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! so when the waiters came at the end to sing me happy bday, i thought they'd bring out the cuppacakes, buuutt!! instead i got a super awesome suprise seeing them bringing the mango cake!! :D n my darling-ness had felt so bad n got it as a replacement! AWW! n he wrote "SORRY! HAPPY 19th Birthday!" on it! :D was a sweeettiiieee!!

then we just all pigged out on cake, cuppacakes n left la! bill was ok actually! *THANK YOU TO MUMMY & PAPA!!!!!!!!* n the waiters were real helpful too! :D THANKS ITALIANIES!!! :D

so we wanted to check out BarCelona but it was just too crowded n we didnt have much $$$ so we went to Republic instead! its pretty, except tat it was empty-ish but we still had a super awesome time! hahaa did wtv the heck we wanted without caring bout ppl, n did catwalks!(LOL!), danced like a maadderrr n partiieddd!! hahhahah! ahhh.. i love my frens la! i honestly have to say tat!

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC night! minus a few boo-boos here n there, it was all good, n if any of u who attended r reading this, THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR MAKIN MY 19th BIRTHDAY SUPER FANTASTICO!!! :D

so im gonna leave u guys wit a ton of pics, there r more on my FACEBOOK actually, so check em out!! :D