Monday, April 14, 2008

Shop The Day Away!

So today was a good day!! heck, it cud even be Great!! I finally got my new IC done, (no more havin to show my 12 year old picture when i get to the clubs ;p) and i also went shopping!!

I've finally put some of the birthday money to good use! =D Finally got my super cute clip on shoes tat i've been searchin high-n-low for!!! just cud never find a nice one, all the one's ive seen are either the punk style ones (which is just soo not me!) or they're damn lala-fied!! (I SHALL NOT BE A LALA!!) so today when i finally found a cute one tat fits n doesnt burst the purse, i got it!!! it's from EVERLAST (?? i know rite..) n it only costs RM69.90!! whoohooo! talk bout a good deal! n they're real comfy too! :D happiness!! i can wear them everyday n they go wit many things!

n at last! my happiest purchase was a dress i've been wanting from TOPSHOP since last year!! its a cute baby-doll 'sundress-picnic dress!' n when i first wanted it, it cost RM269 n bought it today for only... RM139!! ahh! :D ok ok so let me get this straight 1st, i NEVER EVER EVER spend tat much on a clothing item.. DEAD SERIOUS! this was just a 1time thingy.. but im happy! n i look tres-chic in it! :p

other than tat, i watched OVER HER DEAD BODY starring Eva Longoria, Paul Ludd, Lake Bell and Jason Biggs! its a romantic comedy bout Kate (Longoria) who got killed on her wedding day. 1 year later, her fiancee (Ludd) who still has not moved on was brought to a psychic (Bell) to contact his dead fiancee.. and the story picks up from there!!
its nothin to shout about la, but its still funny, lots of parts to laugh at, its cute, its sweet, its basically just one of ur average romantic comedies la.... doesnt stand out, but i liked it, nonetheless!

Anyway, gonna venture around KL wit Trisha tomoro!! explore the city wit our camera n then on a field trip to the Art Gallery wit my entire foundation sem! hahha shud be funnnnn!!!!! so expect a post bout the wonders of our city, KUALA LUMPUR!!