Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pictures of Sarees & Whatnots!

So if u've been following my blog u might have remembered tat i went to 2 weddings in March n as promised, i said id post up PICTURES of me in a saree n all tat jazz! ohhh!! im LOVIN my sarees! (n my family's sarees too!)

there's just sumn so elegant, so beautiful and soo classic bout a saree... it will never go out of style, n u can wear it forever as long as its not badly damaged, n ONE SIZE FITS ALL! need I say more?
The Blue & Purple saree wit gold thread was for Mahlini's wedding!
(Kris, Me & Malina)
The Dark Green wit black sequins saree was for my uncle's wedding dinner!
the ladies!!!!!!!! ;p

my mummy & papa!!
And for Kris, pics of her hand and rings.. and also a lil sumn i made for you! miss you much!!
And last but not least, took this wit my DSLR! :D
im happy!!!! :D


Syuhida said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! the turquoise sari you wore its to die for!! so beautiful!