Sunday, May 4, 2008

Phuket, Thailand!!

Wheee!!! i got back from an AMAZING holiday in Phuket! it was soo wonderful n i honestly had a great time there!!

it's always been a dream of mine to go to Phuket, but actually, i was supposed to go there in Christmas time in 2004.. everything was booked n all tat but suddenly my uncle asked me n my family to celebrate X'mas in Australia, so we went instead.. n it was on tat morbid day of the 26th of Dec 04 tat the Tsunami had struck South & South East Asia.. n Phuket was one of the badly affected places wit many deaths... so i guess it was God who had other plans for me n my family..

But anyways, we finally went n it was so fun! Stayed in Patong Beach where theres a lot of nite life, a great beach n stuff to see! walked around alot n shopped n bought some really pretty beach dresses n knick-knacks for super cheap! (ahhhh my wonderful bargainin skills!;p) n also stuffed ourselves silly wit amazing Thai food! yumm! (tom yum krung everyday n seafood!!)

Also went island hoppping to Khai Nui & Khai Nuk Islands where we lay at the beach, sunned ourselves (well i slapped on loads of sunblock to make sure i DONT tan! :S) n snorkelled!! whoohooo!! it was fun!! got to see cute fishies n my fav rainbow ones too! :D

We also went to the elusive SIMON CABARET show!! whoooaa!! hhahah if u've never heard of it, lemme tell u! the show is a cabaret show, wit dances n amazing costumes n lip sinching n watnots.. the catch it.. they are all LADY BOYS!! haha!!Transexuals who have had full reconstructive sugeries.. meanin gergeous boobies, no male private parts, hormone treatment.. etc.. but omg i tell u the show was great! some of them do look like lady boys but i tell u..some of themm......

if u saw them, ud not in a million years think tat they're lady boys! i swear! some looked sooo friggin pretty n had GORGEOUS bodies!! like boobs look great, slim washboard abs, loongg lean legs, n super sweeettt pretty faces! i cudnt take my eyes of a particular one.. she (or he!) was so pretty.. i was ga-ga until i heard the voice... hmm.. now tat was def potong steam la.. but if u ever go to Phuket, u HAVE TO CATCH THIS SHOW!!! its really great!

oh n on another note! i got my hair braided n a henna tattoo done! n my mom got a real tattoo! lol! yeah! she's been wanting one for a while n she got a Sun on her back! wit color too! its looks pretty n simple! :P still am in shock tat she actually got it.. she usually chickens out! :)

oh n alsoo! hahahah check it out! i won the family a "Free Accomadation for 1 week in a Phuket Hotel!" hhahahhahhah! dead serious! we were walkin to the beach n this dude stopped us to do a scratch n win contest n my dad got a T-Shirt n i managed to win a freakin holiday! lol! so its valid for 1 year n guess we'll be goin again next year! :D im psyched!! :D

all in all, i had a wonderful time there! n will be posting more stuff soon! :) just bought Juno! am gonna watch it! :D

also, i had promised to put the pics of the other week when me n the family went Sailing, so heres the photo album of FACEBOOK, check it out k? just click THIS!