Friday, May 23, 2008

My new Love

My new love, DAVID COOk has won American Idol!! whooohooo!! finger n toes were all crossed in anticipation and nerves!! last nite after all the judges gave their 2 cents worth, i got scared, but as i watched the Finals results Live this mornin i honestly screamed when they announced tat Cook won!! n then the tears of joy came pouring out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im just so happy for him! he really deserves it la, i mean both do, but i just wanted Cook to win more! :) cant wait for him to make his 1st album!

had a random shoot wit Syameel yesterday for a fren, Shan who needed it for his assignment.. nothin major, wore all black wit black backgroudn n lightin! but still wanna see the pics! n next gonna do a 'glamour' shoot wit them... :)

ohhh n u shud try n catch 'What Happens In Vegas'! its hilarious!! cudnt stop laughin! haha!
ok ok im in a rush so short post for today! sorrrryyyyy ppl but ill get back soon! thanks for the prayers and support tho! the family appreciates it!