Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Rocked Your World!

Today our Malaysian Studies drama group had to do a lil sketch as a presentation la, n omijesus...... we brought the house down! lol! our's was super funny n basically the story contained a grandma tellin the story of a Sultan n his 6 wives ( p/s i was the 1st wife - the glamorous one wit a french accent! lol!) n hollyy!! we had the crowd n our lecturers laughin the whole time!!

N u know wat?? sumn recorded it n while we were watchin it, a guy who was in the audience, asked if he cud get a copy of the Drama! ahhhhh!!! n they lecturers wanted copies of them too! N the best part was tat the lecturer gave us 15 out of 10 marks!! WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

n ahhh! wat a great day! we had such a great group n im SO SO proud of our teamwork! :D yay u guys!! :)

n im really nervous n excited bout the fashion show tomoro!! Ekks!! :) Deepa dressed me up to look hot.. real hot! lol! *winks*



mello said...

saaayyyyang . i am SO so sorry i missed your show today . prease no marah-marah kaay ?. i'll buy fries <3 oh btw , i tagged you . [=

Kelsey Bunny said...

hahah tak marah la doh! :) its cool babe, but yes, fries wud be great! lol! i saw, n im gonna do ur tag after a few posts! lol! thanks machaaaaaa