Tuesday, May 20, 2008

short zip

was sittin on my bed, up straight last nite at around 10.30 ish ish la, when all of a sudden. felt my bed tilt upwards a bit.. not alot, but a bit. ..FROZE.. i was NOT dreamin n didnt imagine it an earthquake tremor!

n true enuf, newspapers confirmed it this mornin, apparently there had been an earthquake in Sumatra yesterday, bout a 6.1 on the Richter scale, n ppl in the Klang Valley felt it too! n my mom also felt it! i have not lost my mind! it wasnt big tremor here in Malaysia la, of course.. but nonetheless, freaky stuff ennit?

oh well, im off to watch INDIANA JONES: THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL in awhile! jealous yet? heheh grew up watchin The Last Crusades (3rd movie) bout once a month since i was 8 till 13,s o got tat memorized! im excited n to add to the excitement!! SHIA LeBOEUF!! whoohoo! ;)

reviews will come either late nite or tomoro! ta! oh i finished my History of Art project, n now just need to print it out n print out pics for my C.S journal! taa!