Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Workshop Shoot & Indos!

Phew! what a great weekend this was!

Saturday started off wit a too-long put off photoshoot wit the amazing Bibo Aswan!! (cue applause!) ;p we've been always puttin off the shoots since... Jan? n finally we got to 'Round 2!' lol!

So we shot at a cool car mechanic workshop nearby, n the location was just so fun la! i wore slacks, black tank top, suspenders n indie-rock checkered scarf! phoo!! we started wit the back n just shot wit dif scenaries - chicken, sky, cage, car, n i have to say, i was thoroughly enjoyin myself!! its always a pleasure to work wit Bibo! :) n im so happy wit the results! nyeh!

oh! n he said he'd be also displayin some of his collections at a photography exhibition! its at Pasar Seni on the 21st of May i think... :)

later met up wit my bestie, Farah n we had mucho fun chillin! :) im gonna miss her so much when she leaves to the US in August...

n today, was pretty rad! went to Desaria ( the limkokwing hostel) for the entire day to rehearse wit my fav Indonesian clan! our group's Malaysian History drama.. 1st off supposed to start at 10am, but everyone only turned up at 12 ish n we started @ 1.

Highlights of the day was:
- hangin upside down from the monkey bars, doin my splits, bridges, scorpions & toe touches,
-teachin michael & cathy how to hang n the toe touches
-almost gettin thrown into the pool by Taps
-slappin him repeteadly wit my flip-flops, biting his leg n kickin him in the balls! haha
-runnin n screamin in Des
-Alia fallin off the chair! lol!
-findin out how Michael entertains himself! lol!! GROSS! haha

a really great but tyring day! :) much love to this Indonesian clan! i LOVE YOU guys!!



HunsBuns said...

kel...calling them indon would be a bit rude..indo's better hahah

Kelsey Bunny said...

owhhh.. how come ah?? oopss! sorry! i didnt know!

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