Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indi & Kanyezziess!

So first off, i finally watched Indiana Jones today in GSC Signature Theather in the Gardens! :) RM20 for a ticket, but oh soo worth it as the seats r more comfy, huge theather n great sound n space! :) i absolutely loved the movie! lol! me n mommy were giggling to ourselves alot n at some parts, jumping up from our seats n screamin! hhhahha pity the ppl near us!

but seriously tho, its a GREAT movie! i mean, if u've grown up watchin Indiana Jones & The Last Crusades as much as I did, (once a month since i was 9 till 13!) i was really excited to catch this one! Harrison Ford reminds me of wine..gets better with age! lol! but yeah, he looks great for an old dude n moves quick too! hehehe! n Cate Blanchett did a good job wit this Russian role, never knew she had it in her.. and .........*drumroll please?* SHIA LeBEOUF!!!

i dont even have to say much.. he's acting skills seem to also have gotten better (c'mon men! u have to admit tat this kid has got skills!) n its just so evident that God must have spent alil more time on Shia... :p

watchin it again?? YOOUUUUUU BETCHAA!!!!

on another hand, I FINALLY GOT MY 'KANYEZZIESS!!!!!' whoooohooo!! ive been wanting Kanye West's shade glasses n finally when i was walkin around a mall today, i found it!!! whoohoo!! dont i look fly?? where did i get em? ..........i aint tellin!!! ;p