Monday, May 19, 2008

The Amazing 100th!

majorly added new songs to my player, starting off wit Groove Armada's- I See You Baby! so listen n enjoy!!!!

so i've officially reached '100 posts' on my blog! hmmm.. i love typin nonsense down, it enables me to express how i feel n clears my mind! :) thanks for reading and bearing wit me!

I've had a pretty good weekend! spend alot of time wit the family, from watchin Iron Man on Saturday nite wit my parents n cousins, to listenin in amusement (n partly horror!) when my aunts n uncles n mom were dicussing bout facebook n they're games n ya-da ya-da, to spending today wit my other lil cousins at their place for lunch n a movie! :) im lucky to have such an awesome family, love em!

OH! n lookie here!! i found some super cute pics of animals yesterday when i was bored, n thought id love to make your day (well hopefully, at least!) wit u saying 'awwwwww...' so here's a lil sumn to put a smile on ur face! enjoy! :D

*winks* cute ennit?

i think i mite be dying, got an ulcer in my mouth, due to the fact tat im not drinkin enuf water rite now n Malaysia feels like a freakin microwave!! grr!! And i've come to the conclusion tat it is the size of Texas.......... or at least it sure does FEEL like it!! :S

i must leave u, coz as the Queen of Procrastination, i have procrastinated my assignments till now... arrghhh!! i swear tat i have, have, HAVE to finish up my History of Art Project tonite, n hopefully get more done n hopefully finish 90% of my Creative Studies Journal, start the Design Studies Journal.. n get some pics of a British icon to be painted for Life Drawing finals.. any suggestions??