Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Real Idol!

ahh... how great life is to have David Cook in the world... :) i admit that i have been enchanted- mind, body & spirit by this amazing American Idol contestant! He really shud win this time, i do think both David Archuletta & David Cook are great, but Cook just does it for me la.. just does it..

so lemme just post my 2 fav songs performed by Him.

Ultimate fav is ALWAYS BE MY BABY, performed during the Mariah Carey week!

holy shindangoes!! ok when i 1st heard he's doin this song, i was super nervous coz its soo outta his rock league, but its safe to say tat for every1, when he sang this..... ahh.. i just melted away... it seemed like all the world just faded away, n it was just him singin the song! it was soo beautiful! i just cant stop listenin to this song!! its been on repeat for the past 2 days!!

next, i loved him singing Chris Cornell(who's also brilliant!)'s version of BILLY JEAN!

oh wow! i think tat this was when the world started payin full attention to Cook! even Chris Cornell was very impressed wit it! (no idea how Michael feels! lol!)
i just love how he always manages to make the song his own, n injects his style into it!

aiiiyaiiyaiiyaiiyaii!!! i honestly think tat he is the GENUINE article! the real American Idol n def shud win! good luck for tomoro David Cook! :)

this week is lookin pretty great! got asked to be a part of my fren, Dharhma's photography project tomoro! its gonna be involvin a bunch of our frens, n its gonna be an ADDAMS FAMILY Photoshoot! lol! n its gonna be shot by Michael Cools! :D dress attire- all black. duh!

tomoro we also have our Malaysian Studies drama thingy n its gonna be soooo funny!! hahha will follow up to tat!

n guess wat??? i got a call from Deepa this mornin to be one of the models for her Events Management Project! whoohooo!! its this Thursday at LimKokWing Uni's Plaza at 1! so be there!! :) im super excited n nervous too! :/ but prayin tat it'll all be alrite! lol!

seems like i gotsta squeeze in my assignments in between all this hoo-ha! eekks! wish me luck!!



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