Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Speed Racer to the TOPS!

whooooooaaaaaaaaaa myyyy goosshhh!!! i have just watched.... the, craziest n coolest n ahhhh-tastic movie ever!!! SPEED RACER!!!!!!!!! hahhahah

ok ok so i was in a real crappy mood b4 the movie, exhausted, stressed n very PMS-y la.. was soo not in the mood for any movie, but me & dad had won exclusive premier tickets to catch SPEED RACER tonite, n it was damn big la.. everyone had to give in their phones to security, body scans n bag checks since the offiacial release of the movie is on the 9th of May..

so the movie starts ok, 3rd minute in, the scene outside the school came on n i FLIPPED OUT!! oh my goodness!!! i've never in my long-lived life have ever seen a movie like tat! it was like, cartoonish- but real movie.. as in it had loads of cool graphics! it lookes like a real vid game! n they shot bout 97% of the video in front of a green screen coz of the graphics! wanna catch the makin of this movie, shud be interesting!

haha i dunno if u can tell la, but prolly from my blog skins n all tat, its pretty obvious tat i freakin LOVE colors!! the brighter n more colorful, the better n tats exactly wat this movie had!! colooorss!! :) oh its starring Emile Hirsh as Speed, Nicholas Elia as young Speed, Christina Ricci as Trixie, and also Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Michael Fox & Rain.. wheeeee!!

this movie just kept me smiling the whole time! it was funny too! hehe n i was on the edge of my seats in excitement n i swear i was about to start leaping bout n clappin in the cinema but had to restrain myself! lol! in the end, ppl gave an applause! :)

i think tat i can fully see tat there's gonna be lots n lots of ppl out there who WONT LIKE this movie.. yeah its true tat it is definately NOT the best script or best movie ever.. but.. there's something about it which truly captured me fully and im still completely bouncin off the walls in excitement! the inner child in me is awake again! n lets just say the racing in this movie is bloody insane!! defies some physics laws la, but still soo freakin awesome! ahh! soo watchin it again!

so catch it PLEASE if u can! n DONT WATCH IT ON DVD, CATCH IT IN THE CINEMAS! soo worth it as graphics are great! but like i said la.. u may end up hating it, or thinkin its ok or maybe ull be as happy as me.. i just ahhh.. :D *gleeeee*

oh! n i also had a small photoshoot wit KG today n it was fun!! we shot on the rooftop of LimKokWing Uni n it was real chilled n managed to get some pretty rad shots! :D here's his Flickr link for more!

am awaiting more! so till then, u shall find me buried under the piles of assignments! uugghhh!! but yes, do check the movie out n feeeedddbbbaccckkk, people!!
love ya!