Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Hair Show!!

Ohhmyygoshh!!! WAT A SHOW!!!! *wata gwan!* hahaha! but holy shindangoes!! this Fashion show was definately the BIGGERST show this sem!! :) n im soo proud to have been a part of it!

took bout 4ish hours to get hair & make up done la! Theme: GOTHIC BRIDE! so Nikki, the stylist started straightenin my hair n i was gonna wear a simple lacy knee length black dress, but bout 1 1/2 hours before the show, he shows me a super cute 'short dress/i think its a kinky nightie' thingy n tried it on, n lo n behold! it was awesome! soo much better than the previous choice! whee i was happy!!

then the lecturer did half of my face wit super gothic make up (which i got a shock when i saw in the mirror!!) n some other girls did the rest of my face, while Nikki n some nice girls finished puttin my hair up, n adding a lacy veil hate thing-a-magig! just added the fishnet stockings n heels n ta-da!!!!! i WAS SCARILY FEROOCIOUSSSS!!!!

n there were the 'Headlines' show first, simple street fashion, then us, 3rd Sem student's models!! wheee!! the plaza was crowded ma!! thousands of students! (u know LimKokWing's plaza during lunch time!) n there were soo many lecturers, photogs n audience! I was definately pumped! so went n while was walkin, ferociously- of course, heard my awesome frens scream out "KEELLLSSEYYYYY!!!!!!!" ahhh!!


whee!! i LOVE being on the runway la! u get sooo nervous before hand, then while ur struttin it, the adrenaline rush i get is just....................... ahhhhhh!! LOVE IT! its thrilling!!

n also my dearest, TRISHA did the runway for the very 1st time n im proud to say tat other than lookin fan-ta-bu-lous, she ROCKED the runway!! whoooohooo!! go girl!!!

then got finale, n after tat took bloody lots of photos la! hahah ok ok, here are some! (caution: damn scary make up!)
hehe im happpy!! it was awesome! n the best part of the whole show! my darling ICKY was there to catch the whole thing n take pics!! :) love you pumpkin!
here's a link to the rest of the photos on my FACEBOOK : CLICK ME!
*n just a note! while im blogging this post down, i've got my Facebook chat goin on wit my cousin, Kristina in Australia, a MSN chat open wit Mesh from Kuala Lumpur, and a Skype chat wit my fren Kris in USA!! wahahhah! i dunno which one to respond to!!*
have a 'ferocious bunny-refic' day!!