Monday, May 12, 2008

Im a Monkey & More Shoot Pics

1st off, i practically died from the excitement n happiness this mornin when i saw the new pics on Bibo's blog! aaackkkss!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

eiiiiiiii!!! happiness! n Bibo is gonna display a couple of my pics among his others at the exhibition but he's not gonna show me one pic till tat day as a suprise!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! the torture!!!!
n im sooo happy, but KG is displayin too!! :):):) ahhhh.. this is really gonna be a feast for the eyes i tell you!

so get ur butts down to Pasar Seni, 21st May onwards, 6pm...

on another note, i've always been told tat im a real monkey (kris; sssshhhhh!!!) haha i LOVED climbin anything when i was younger! i would climb the swings, the roof of my house, n i loved climbin the tree at my grandma's n pluckin rambutans till she yelled at me to come down! lol!
n summore climbed the edge of the rooftop tat day wit KG! (hehe!) n yesterday i got into 1 of my best elements, stretching! whoohooo!! splits la, bridges, scorpions, toe touches, hangin upside down from the monkey bars..

basically reallyy really built up my upper body la, n this mornin i had the best pain ever! the aching soreness all over my body from exercising, ohhh but i love this pain! i love knowin tat i put my muscles to good work n now, i swear! i've defined my abs even more.. but it hurts like hell la to move! let alone laugh! lol!
my neck hurts, my arms, my torso, my thighs, my BUM!! ahh! hhahahha