Saturday, May 10, 2008

Guitar Hero & Contortionist

1st off, im super proud n excited to say tat i've put GUITAR HERO 3 ON MY BLOG!!!! whoohooo!!! its at the bottom of the page n now, y'all can play guitar hero here! check it out k?

And wow! i've just been watchin some videos of a crazy-to-the-point-of-psychotic-brilliant contortionist! her name is Irina Kazakova and im not sure where she's from but hooollyyy shindagos man!! that girl can bend! watch this vid! its soo incredible! (its only 3 mins long)

.....i swear tat tat girl has absolutely no bones in her body.. honestly! tell me im wrong here! haha pretty rad huh? u can check out more stuff from her on Youtube! :) i wish i cud do tat tho! she moves like fluid!!