Monday, May 5, 2008

Teen Queens Gone Wrong?

So wat ever went wrong wit some of the teen queens back then? was just talkin to KG today, n was tellin him bout the Lindsay Lohan -Marilyn Monroe shoot coz he didnt know bout it n i loved wat he said! hahha

i asked, "wats wit all these celebs nowadays doin all the nude shoots la?"
n he says, " Oh dont u know? Nude is the new hair!" hahahhahah u crack me up all the time Kums! ;p

if u still havent heard bout this shoot, basically Lindsay Lohan recreated a shoot which Marilyn Monroe did right before she died, its called The Last Sitting for the New York Magazine

N its basically artistic nude la.. i dunno... i guess i kinda like it, but her boobs are waay to saggy! ewww!! But it's just weird la to see her do this.. we were all used to the cute lil girl.. wat ever happened to tat? sigh.. (oh n im censoring some of the LiLo pics) (click to see larger)

also, i think Miley Cyrus is super cute n she's turnin more n more beautiful every day! but wats wit this shoot for Vanity Fair Magazine? personally i think tat all the buzz is a bit OTT, i guess its just coz she's still only 16.. n also an icon to millions of young girls.. but ok la, at least make the shoot look good, but this looks bad! eekk i dont like this shot!

oh well! i have a shoot wit KG tomoro (it was very very last minute n super random) n im gonna be in my braids n all boho-island girl type! whheeeeeee!!! im excited!!

AND!!! i also have a shoot wit Bibo on Saturday!!! (finally! Round 2!;p ) wither doing a Raw Beauty shoot or he mentioned a 'high-fashion colorful one wit paint on the body!' sounds exciting too!! im nervous as usual! but hope it'll be great! :D

Im DYING WIT ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!! arrrggghhhh!!! n today's Life Drawing test was completely bullcrap man! wtf are the lecturers thinkin torturing us like tat?? we had to draw 2 humans (male models) n they were sitting ON chairs , ON a big platform, ON 3 freaking tables n we have to draw everything..... ishhh....... geramnya!!

so im gonna get back to work! ta!



kG said...

The original, though nude, is artsy nude. Lohan's cover of it comes off in a rather pornographic way. For one, the size of her boobs--being completely disproportionate--draws attention in a different manner, if you get where i'm going.

Kelsey Bunny said...

yup, i really do.. i think if lets say.. sum wit i dunno.. just hilary duff's body (not her! just can think of any other body at the moment!) did it, it wudnt come off soo porny ish! but oh well

HunsBuns said...

she might have had thousand of guys suck on her tits la thats why AHAHAHAHA

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