Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Rasta Shoot

So ya'll might have i did tat i did a 'spur of the moment (and hair!) shoot on Tuesday wit KG Krishnan! :) thank god it turned out good! n im lovin these shots! so here they are, n they're all taken off KG's Flickr link -
*Unleash Me*

*Liberation* (i posted this in a previous post)
*Lost In You*
whee!! im happy!! n there're more shots, but ill wait to get it personally from him! :)

so i finally finished my Newsletter assignment for Design Studies, and the stupid Secret Life of Walter Mitty assignment for Comm. Studies! thank God!

you know recently my boyfriend went a lil bonkers on me.. hahaha its actually something really extremely sweet, n funny n cute NOW but i tell u, tat day when it actually happened i think i freaking blew a vessel!! i swear!!

u know i went for a movie premier of Speed Racer on Tues, n i had to switch my hp off n give it in la, all of us, n i had told him before tat im goin for the movie at 7 pada halnya to collect the tickets la, movie only starts at 9, so i even called him at 7ish, n during dinner, at 8.15, i msged him la, but got no reply, i got a bit pissed but wtv la.. so switched off the phone n went in.

came out of the cinema 2 1/2 hours later havin had a great time, n when my family got our phones back, i had 50 miss calls from him, Misha & my grandma, my mom had 13, n dad had 6ish, we FURREAKED OUT!! thought sumn happened to my grandparents till i saw tat even my mom had miss calls from Icky.. i knew it.. called him back n u know wat tat boy thought????

The boy thought tat the movie started at 7 n freaked when he cudnt get thru to me, so called my fren to call my mom n my house n since didnt get any replies,he had thought that we were in a bad car accident, or sumn had kidnapped us so he freaked n drove all over for 2 hours, checkin the streets for accidents n even went to the Police Stations and Hospitals to ask whether there had been any accidents involvin a family of 3.. HAIYOOO!!!!!

n they even called my grandma n all tat.. omyjesus.... Sayang dearest, i love you and all, n i know tat u really thought i had died or got kidnapped but.... hahahahha i dont even know wat to say now! hahah i was soo angry la at tat time for causing all the panic n all, but after we talked bout it, i saw the sweetness! :) cant believe he actually drove all around n checked hosps, n police stations n called ppl... hahha love you la babe, but next time relax k? *muaxxxx*