Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Of Juno u My Love

Been wanting to watch the movie, Juno for quite some time, n i finally watched it yesterday! wit my parents! lol!

Juno is about a 16 year old girl named, Juno (duh!) who becomes pregnants. She then chooses to find an adoptive family for her unborn child.. n basically this movie shows all the stuff n funnies that she faces!

i really liked this movie! i mean, it aint wat id call a 'great amazing movie' but its more of like, a sweet feel good movie! haha a dorky one too, while were at it! haha its chilled, n the music is fantastic tho! suits the movie soo much! n i have to say, Ellen Page's performance in this movie is outstanding! she plays the dorky, awkward, straight-forward pregnant teen so well! i think she received nominations for this.. but yeah! even my parents enjoyed this movie!

i also love Juno's parents man! wow! id so want such supportive parents man! they were a bit pissed wit her la, but ultimately they were quite cool n supportive bout her predicament! sigh.. parents... ;) anyway, if ur in the mood for a chilled out, sweet dorky cute movie on an afternoon, check this one out, k?

also me n Mal were arguing bout how many kids we want! sigh! as an only child, im pretty content wit a small family n i always planned to only have 2 kids la, i just like tat... this fella has 4 other bros n sisters n he wants 5 kids ma!!! HECCKK NOOO!!!!! i aint stretchin tat many times! i finally came to a compromise of 3 kids only. tats it. no more. and tats the bottom line! haha god, i love this boy to death la! i really do.. i just love how we are..

am quite sick too! bad sore throat, n a fever as a result of it! :S got my History of Art final exam tomoro! ickkk!! wish me luck! oh! n im also gonna be doing the Hair Show in college on the 29th of May! :) hehe the designer, Nikki is doing a whole 'Bridal Goth theme' on me! am excited!! there's a photoshoot after tat toO! :D