Thursday, November 27, 2008


I didn't read the book, in fact I've always thought it looked pretty cheesy to me, but we got free tickets to the movie, so I thought, ok, why not?

And also before hand, I kept reading bout how girls were swooning over the lead, Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen, n I just couldn't for the life of me, understand why.. until I watched this movie..

ok ok, so even with the first scene, me n Trish were unimpressed with his strange whiteness and red lips... but as the movie continued, and with that intense and intruiging stare, I have to admit, I was hooked, mind-body-and-soul.. Edward Cullen is the new crush I have. no not necessarily Rob Pattinson, but more of the character Edward.. everything about him is just so mysterious and it keeps me wanting more!

The movie was, (well in my own opinion) great! I loved every second of it, start to end, that I watched it twice in a row! The story of a normal girl falling into this forbidden love with a vampire is just so... romantic?? haha and the way he gazes at her, the sheer longing for her blood.. ahh it makes me go nuts! I don't really know why Im so hooked to this movie, But I just am..

Storyline for me was good (I know some really disagree n i can I understand) but I just loved everything about it la.. the scenary was breathtaking, with all the forests and all.. and I want a vampire boyfriend. I swear, so that he can carry me around and climb trees with! lol

...aissshhhh I just don't know.. I just loved it so much, and im now gonna go buy the books.

haha Oh i wanted to add! this is kinda a chic film la i guess, alot of the attraction is Edward, James and Carlisle(yummy!) but yeah! was watchin it in cinema, and like the moment Edward & Carlisle came on screen, you could hear the girls in cinema swoon! im so dead serious!! u honestly can hear everytime there was a hot scene, girls just swoon and giggle! :D:D

u make ur own decision la, dont take my word for it, I guess im just so love-struck in this vampire love affair...



stupigo said...

luckynyerrr free tickets! :)

Kelsey Bunny said...

haha yeahh!! :D