Monday, December 1, 2008

Runways & Kandi Kanes

So so, on Friday me n Trish did a fashion show for the Red Carnival Welcome Party in conjunction with AIDS Day at Club 9 & 6 Lounge in Heritage! it's Ramesh's new club. So did 2 different shows, the first was for Kariza dresses (oh la la so pretty!!) with Drunk With Emotions accessories.. phewwww!! there were 4 dresses for each model (4models) n omg as usual, backstage and changing was hectic n mad!!!!

*Me in the 1st Kariza dress*

there was some issues with the coreography though.. hmm. then the second part was a show for 360Degree's clothes and also Drunk With Emotions accessories. Same cue, 4 changes (rush rush rush rush!!) but it was fun. Also, a little thing that I wasn't aware of, they were also showing stuff from the Undershop, so there were 4 male models there. didnt know bout that being in the itenary, but it was fun anyway, we just stand on podiums.

*I loved this dress* *With Will Quah!*

all in all, I enjoyed myself thoroughly! cant wait to get pics of the show!! n the crowd was fun! hahah they kept saying 'smilee laa!! smilee!" hahahah N i cud hear Micah shouting my name! lol! wat fun! :D and in return for the show I got my coupons for stores and gift vouchers! haha I've already placed my order for 360 Degrees! cant wait to get it!

and then on Saturday... my my my my my!!

1st- I had a fitting for Micah Boutin's show- went pretty well! It's presented by Dubleve and its gonna be at Twenty-One, Changkat on Thursday, 4th Dec at 10pm- so do come! its free!
and then it was HED KANDI at Euphoria!! whoohoo! they presented DJ Andy Warburton who was frickin-A!! and also they had a Percussionist, Ian C!! wat-a-nite!! oh n a big THANK YOU to Patrick for the guest list!! :D I am not broke because of you! lol!
the club was packed, as usual and seriously Andy was so so so amazing!! was dancing the nite away with my college mates and boyyy was it fun! I LOVE dancing on a crowded dance floor and just going buck-wild! dont really care bout wat ppl might think with crazy dance moves, lol! As long as we all have fun, why not ay? ;p and we sure did have fun! oh nb we got to take pics with Andy after that, he was real nice! hope they come down n play again!

So here's to a fantastic nite!!
*Trish, Me, Andy Warburton & Patrick Oliver*
U missed out on an incredible nite! I've still got that Kandi fever!



Anonymous said...

loving the make up on ur face on the first pic :D