Friday, December 12, 2008

Movie Povie

I managed to catch 2 movies this week!

The first was a cartoon called BOLT and it has the voices of John Travolta as Bolt and Miley Cyrus as Penny! NOt really gonna tell u what this movie is about, but if u like Madagascar, u shud enjoy this movie! it was so so cute!!

I couldn't contain myself from just baby-talkin and squeling the whole time whenever that cute fat lil hamster, Rhino, was on screen! choooo cute! but that definately was the hightlight of the movie for me! haha! cutie putie!

The second movie I caught was Body Of Lies. Im not gonna lie, I had no idea what to expect from this movie coz I knew nothing bout it, but I actually sat there and was so into the movie! Its starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe!

Its all about the war in the middle east, n how they try to catch a terrorist who has been setting bombs in the UK. what a fantastic movie to watch, I really felt like I got a tour thru the Middle East! IF u enjoyed The Kingdom, then ud definately Love this movie as well!! It really made me think alot about the situation there right now, and about how alot of this undercover stuff is going on and how dangerous it really is.. makes me appreciate life here. :) great movie, action action action!

Other than that, me n mom did manage to complete like 3/4 of the Xmas shopping so far! :) so happy! and today, I single-handedly decorated my tree, I cleaned the house and I also put a few cute red n silver deco in the bunny's cage! with leftovers, I also decorated my lil plant outside the house! hah! im so domesticated, I love myself! lol!
*House Bunny*