Tuesday, November 4, 2008


(ur listening to I Remember - Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade!)

My dear love,

Its reaching that time of the year again where I have to rack my brains and think of what to get for u... Ur turning 22 on the 6th, wow so old la!!

I still remember u coming for my 16th birthday party! hahaha, we flirted like mad on that day! n you were only 19 years old then, but look now, IM 19 this year.. :)
can u imagine how different ur life would have been if we had never gotten together? ..... I cant..

We've come through soo many challenges throughout this entire 3 years 6 months and 26 days.. so many crazy challenges, that we somehow found ourselves being pulled away from each other, yet my fingertips never fail to find yours and we somehow manage to hold on and pull ourselves back to one another..

It seems like we're going through one of those major thunderstorms again, huh? hmm.. its definitely blowing like mad on my side here.. nevertheless, i still feel your finger tips grazing my skin, and I am deeply longing to find that spark in me to jump and grab ur hand that your holding out to me...

I will.. one day when I get my strength back.. till then, I feel you lingering and Im loving you.. You said once that you just want to be holding on to me, keeping me safe and shielding me from danger.. n you also said that you'l hold on to me until Im ready to fly away...

Baby, I cant seem to pull myself away from you, even though the future is cloudy, I just cant seem to pull away, you have bewitched me- mind, body and soul and I am hooked...

I dont even know why Im writing this... I guess this is just me trying to reassure you that I know you're here and I feel you always... This thunderstorm has us both feeling so lost, but let's pull through it.. k? I'll see you on the other side! :) and I know it doesn't seem like it, but I love you..