Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Weekly Escapades

So I've not been clubbin since Halloween, n tat nite was off-da-hook! so I was Dying to go dance dance dance at Euphoria along with the rest of the world (or at least the whole of KL!)

N my oh my!! it was ONE krayyzee nite!! 1st off- I've never seen the club so freakin packed! it was insane!! like, even at 10.15 there were looongg lines both at The Deq n the normal entrances. I mean, Mixtape IZ their best nite, but tat was insane!!
it seemed like so many ppl I knew were there, how fun!

met up with chickadees, Jinxi & Chui YI (;P) n omg we were screamin like it was back in Sri Aman! haha i have Video proof! lol! n me n Mel also danced alot with her fren, Zura who I've never met till tat nite on the dancefloor, n the best part was tat we totally hit it off dancing the whole nite thru! :D

my feet were honestly blistered! wat a great nite, I cant wait till Hed Kandi this Saturday!! whoohoo!! DJ Andy Warburton is spinning n damn its gonna be ke-rayyzee! MOS never dissapoints.. :)

oh N i caught Madagascar 2 lastnite n daymn it was funnay!! good movie, if ur in need of a jolly time! :) n i thought Quantum of Solace was.... well actually I liked it alot as a normal movie, but as a James Bond movie it totally failed la. completely. but still, enjoyed it much, n can I say DANIEL CRAIG?? oh la la!

Also, just a random thing: had dinner last nite with the parents at Itallianies, Sunway. n oh it was good, but my dad made a complaint bout the steak, n the guy gave us a free Tiramisu.. n.. ohmyjesus.
i promise that it was the BEST EVER OMG slice of Tiramisu I've ever eaten!! it was so soft, delish, the cake oozed with coffee ( n i think Kahlua? ;) n the cream was so good., im gonna go there n just order it the next time! do try it if u get a chance to!