Monday, November 24, 2008

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

... not covergirl...

But nevertheless, I'm finally in Seventeen Magazine Malaysia!!! :D

it's out! the December 2008 issue!!

hehe no big deal la, but still am happy! My only hope is that I can do more magazine shots from now on........... so my fingers are crossed! I still have to be practising alot tho, so its gonna be more shoots with Bibs n Trish n whoever else that wants to shoot! :)
Also I was catchin the ANTM Cycle 11 marathon this weekend, n went thru all the pics online, n seriously I've come to the conclusion that this season is the total shizznits!!!
All the shoots have been so on! esp the water ones! Great season! n the winner was amazing! :) last season was total crap. the ONLY good shoot was the paint one. everything else was bollocks!
oh well, I'll upload some favs the next time, i gtg addy. ta-ta my lovely cyberpets!!