Friday, November 7, 2008

The Week

Sorry again for neglecting the blog, I've just been a bit too busy to post things.. Wat with work and bumming and taking care of Pooper (yes, i think tat name is gonna stick!)..

Buutttt 1st n foremost, wishing my Mookie a HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ur getting older!! quit growing up!! I shall have to be pickin out gray hairs anytime soon, LOL! =D
Talk about an incredibly HISTORICAL week!!! it was great great great!

unless u've been living under a rock, ud addy know by now that BARRACK OBAMA was elected as the 44th President of the USA n the first ever Black president!!! :D this makes me n the rest of the world (xcept Republicans so so happy!!) He's definitely the change that America needs who will help clean up the mess Bush left... I cant wait to visit OBAMALAND again!!! whoohoo!!
2ndly - ICKY got owned on his bday! hahahaha my American stomach (the bottomless pit) has opened up this week! I ate a TON of food yesterday at Tony Roma's n I so totally beat his butt at it! hahahha owned sial!!! :D this is truly history, as he normally finishes everything.. hehe n then just now I had Nasi Lemak Ayam at Darus and a Paper Thosai as well... hehehe... :D

3rdly - shoot shoot shoot!!! Shot with Raja for his assignment this morning, and it was cool. He had to do an Aquarius/water movement shoot, so it was quite a challenge la, but funny nonetheless!
n then shot wit Bibo!! we did something so awesome!! Presenting....

I am happy! now....... to get back to work.... @#*$(&)#$!!!($&$