Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hmm so this is gonna make you laugh. Hard. n quite possibly roll around on the floor while you're at it!

But, lately I've been getting comments from people, about how I supposedly resemble Olga Kurylenko - the latest Bond girl from Ukraine! :0 i knoooww rite?

are they blind?? Olga is waaaayyyyy hotter than me, n there is no resemblence, at least none that I can tell. But yes, like just quite a few have told me that! haha i guess I'll just take it as a compliment? :) don't agree but I guess it's sumn good, huh?

anyhowzas! I've always LOVED this shot from Quantom of Solace, where they are walkin in the desert, all messy n sweaty.

*Im in love with this shot!!*
N Bibo just asked me to do a shoot like tat! :) Bond girl much? haha i soo want to!!!
Ok so that's it for a random short post from me, more to come tomoro! am going to Wondermilk for pretty n yummy cuppacakes!! :D


Munchkiniama. said...

you do look abit like her la. when i saw the movie , i was like, " eh, muka cam kelsey ! "