Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So this week i found out that Pooper is a girl! haha imagine that? i think i should have known as it kept going towards the shoes.. ;)

on another note, this week has been somewhat uneventful, until last night! I've been wanting to get a new phone, but I wasn't making a big deal out of it la, figured I'd look around till Dec. But yesterday my loony parents woke me up from deep sleep, n my mom was showin me her winning comic strip in this contest she joined.

It was all framed up, n they both were smiling. Im thinkin (all grumpy) why these ppl crazy ah?? n then they asked me to come to their room. So i drag my bum out of bed, still stoned n ta-da!! My mom was holding a Sony Ericsson box in her hands n few seconds later i realized there was a phone in there!!

Haha! she won the phone from the contest n gave it to me!!! :D:D i was like 'whoooaaaahhhhhh!!!' so yeah, am really happy now, n plus, its actually a really awesome phone! i'd never wanted a SE, coz Im a Samsung loyal fan, but after playing around with it, Have to admit that it's pretty cool! :) thanks mom!

* W9010i*

Also, I've just come to realize how much God has been blessing me lately. Praise God and all that he does! i know this is corny, but I desperately didnt want to eat rice n curry @ grandma's tonite, was so so dreading it, n on the way there, I prayed that she made something else, n true enuf, she made mihun! :) oh thank you so much God!

Blessing me with a new phone- I feel good coz then my parents can spend that money on sumn else, and I didnt have to suffer with a dinner I was dreading. Also, I cant wait till Feb! Parents n Kris n I are going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!! :) should be fun!

I miss her so much, it doesnt likely that I'll be going to Melbourne anytime soon, as tickets cost RM3000.. :( but she's comin back after Xmas! cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!!!!!

This is from ANTM Cycle11 - Samantha. i love her shots! and I really need to learn up this pose!