Sunday, August 3, 2008

Liquid Remake & Farah's Farewell

Hehe so Bibo n I shot again last week at my place, he wanted to remake our very 1st shoot together, at the pool. so we did! n it was fun! im quite liking these photos!!! :)
*want the hair fling one in original size! :)*

*im lovin these 2!*
im still waiting for Idan's post of the lips shoot.......

well yesterday was fun! volunteered at the AFS bake sale at Hartamas n tat was fun! we managed to make real good sales actually, n it was all good fun meeting n getting to know the new exchange students! :) wishing them the BEST of luck livin in Malaysia n i know tat they're gonna love it so much!

Farah's farewell party was yesterday too at her fren's apartments in Mutiara Damansara n it was funnnn!! so great when a bunch of us Sri Amanians get together la! n we all go cuckoo together! had bbq, we sang, we laughed, we danced, we did all sorts of nonsense! hahahha but im gonna miss Farah so so sooo freakin much! i dont want my best friend to leave... god im gonna cry alot at the airport! :'(

*My 2 best friends*
*She wanted to carry me! :)*

She's gonna be away for a long time, but hopefully i'll be going to the US next year for a visit to PA n i can hopefully go to IL as well! :D love you babe!