Friday, August 1, 2008


yes yes yes!!!! We finally went to London's Ministry of Sound's 1st club in Malaysia called Euphoria for those of u who still dont know!

omgies!!! it just opened n its a big club n they r well known for their House, electro n techno music la, so i thought that their hip-hop/rnb nites wud either suck n just be average but we were all soo mistaken!

It was Ladies Night so me, Trish n Deb got in all for free! :) n 1st off- the club was really big n SMOKE FREE!! woot! smokin is banned in this club n I LOVE TAT!! u can actually breathe properly n ur skin, hair n clothes wont reek of ciggarette smoke! n it was cool in there, the deco is damn nice, spacious n ur not allowed to bring drinks to the dancefloor which is great so no drunk idiots can slosh their shit around n get u wet.

the music tho. omg. omg omg!!!!! it was the SHIIZZNIITTTSS!! dead serious! we were all BLOWN away by how awesome it was! the hip-hop/rnb was soo awesome n the DJ Patrick actually knows wat he's doin n later on around 12ish, he started mixing in House n for a person who only layans a few of the songs, i THOROUGLY enjoyed myself! damn son!!! how many DJ's can keep everyone enterntained like that?? freakin awesome man!!

n summore the floor 'vibrates!' hahah no theres no vibrators or wtv, but its wood panelled n the bass just makes it vibrate so much, its AWESOME!! ahh last night was serioulsy on o the best nites! tat was officially:


dancing for almost 3 hours straight! feet were killin me n im feelin lethargic today but i totally cant wait again for next time!! now all other clubs shall fail miserably in comparission man!

n my shoot wit Bibo was just awesome!! had so much fun n i think we managed to get some good shots! :) cant wait to get em n shall post up soon! :)



HunsBuns said...

oh yea i forgot to tell u the guest list on thursdays are u know why i keep raving on and on about tht place

Kelsey Bunny said...

cunted siallll!!!!!!!! i was wonderin whether id bump into u yesterday! omggg im still amazed wit the music tau!